Forest Schools

Forest School offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop their knowledge and experience of the world. Children’s confidence and self-esteem is established through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland environment. We feel proud to be able to offer this valuable learning experience as part of our curriculum.

The Reception children visit the same local woodland site on a regular basis throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The site we use is Hampstead Heath. Each session is led by qualified Forest School Leaders and is based on the skills and needs of the group. Activities may include shelter building, den-making, woodland art, climbing, exploring our surroundings, and collecting. This is in addition to following their own interests within the setting. Observations from these sessions can be fed back to the classroom to help support children’s learning and future curriculum planning.

We provide safe opportunities for young people to develop personal, social and physical skills through active learning and play in a stimulating natural environment. We also aim to improve concentration, behaviour and interest in learning that can be transferred back into the classroom, increase understanding of care and concern for the environment.

Children should bring wellington boots, thick socks (as wellies are not that warm), a spare set of clothes comprising of a long-sleeved top, trousers, a warm layer (e.g. a jumper/fleece top) and a hat/gloves for the winter months – or a sunhat for the summer. They should also have a spare set of socks as their feet always seem to get muddy – even with wellington boots! We supply the waterproof jackets and dungarees. We also provide high visibility jackets which are worn at all times at Forest School.

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